Sports Massage 

Sports massage is the ideal treatment for clients wanting to either maintain a healthy training regime or to aid recovery from a soft tissue injury. It is not only for athletes however! during our daily lives painful knots and scar tissue can form within muscles, for example from activities such as using a computer for hours on end, looking down at a phone screen too often, painting ceilings or daily stress.

One off treatments can be undertaken although usually sports injuries, knots or scar tissue in muscles causing aches and pains usually require a course of treatments to help towards resolving an injury or long-standing issue and therefore packages tailored to specific needs can be agreed and you can bulk buy treatments in advance at a discount.

Regular treatments can help to:

  •  Reduce muscular aches and pains
  •  Achieve optimal sports performance
  •  Improve and maintain flexibility
  •  Reduce the likelihood of injury
  •  Improve circulation and drain toxins

Treatments are recommended as part of a fitness regime and healthy lifestyle choices and are NOT intended to be used in place of healthcare by an NHS professional.

Treatment options:

The length of a standard appointment includes the time to undertake a brief consultation to ensure that massage is suitable for you and to decide which area of the body and muscle groups to focus on. This is included within the price of the treatment.

Pre and post event massages are available to enable peak performance and recovery when booked in advance of an event. These enable increased circulation and stimulation of the muscles as part of a warm up and drain toxins to reduce aches as part of a cool down,

What happens during a treatment?

After the initial consultation you will be able to disrobe and make yourself comfortable in private, a blanket and towels will be provided for your warmth and comfort on the massage couch. Modesty will be preserved at all times.

I usually use grapeseed oil for sports massage treatments. Feedback between client and therapist is required throughout the treatment and both active and passive movements, for example of the arms or legs, may be required.

Treatments DO NOT include anything of a sexual nature.

After the treatment :

Massage encourage toxins to leave body systems, to help flush these out of the body it is important to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, caffeine or tobacco for at least 24 hours as these can add to the levels of toxins within the body. 

I booked in for a sports massage as I’ve been having really bad shoulder pain, Ruth is incredible! She is very professional, and comforting whilst receiving treatment. She really focussed on what was causing me discomfort to help me achieve what I wanted. Very welcoming, and the scent of treatment room is so relaxing!        M.C. March 19