Pregnancy Massage

What is pregnancy massage?

Prenatal pregnancy massage is performed by a therapist who has undergone additional specialist training. While you are pregnant, from 14 weeks, it is a great way to get rid of aches, pains, anxiety and discomfort. It is a relaxing treatment which can help with common side-effects of pregnancy such as back pain, headaches, anxiety, swollen legs / ankles and even morning sickness. It improves circulation, and can give you relief from sciatica and heartburn.

Pregnancy massage at Regenerate is done seated with support, leaning forward onto the couch to massage the back, neck and shoulders. You are then given time to move onto the couch in a reclined (not flat) position for massage of the face, arms and legs (or your preferred combination). Modesty and comfort are maintained throughout.

No sports or deep tissue massage is allowed during pregnancy, because your joints are quite loose, certain essential oils are also avoided. Any known health complications may need to be checked by your midwife prior to booking.