Each organ and system within the body is connected by a network of nervous to a reflex point on the foot where the channels of energy through the body ends. As circulation in the feet slows down - through daily life, illness, wearing shoes or a lack of exercise - crystalline deposits form at the nerve endings. Reflexology involves the  deep-compression, or massage, of the deposits which are broken up, encouraging the whole body to maintain efficiency.

Reflexology is: ‘A science dealing with the principle that there are reflex points in the hands and feet that correspond to the organs, glands and all other parts of the body. These areas are systematically worked by the fingers and thumbs in a unique method to bring about a condition of homeostatic balance within the body’.  (International Institute of Reflexology).

What happens during a treatment?

Clients remain dressed but remove footwear and sit or lie comfortably, the feet are cleansed and either a lotion or massage oil is used to massage the feet and target reflex points. A firm yet gentle pressure is used which can be comforting and enables the client to relax.

Hand reflexology is also available. 

Just had my first reflexology session..... I say first because I will definitely be going back. An amazing relaxed atmosphere, Ruthie was very friendly and informative. Can't recommend highly enough.   K.T Nov 2018