The highs and lows of training so far - 6 weeks to go!

"Running a marathon is not just the 26.2 miles on the day, it is the hundreds of miles during training"   It is physically and emotionally challenging.

There have been days when I have been over-reactive, emotional, tearful and tired (way more than usual!)

There have been days when I was really hungry and eat everything in sight - leading to dietary changes for proper nutrition.

There have been tired, achy leg days, bruised toe-nails, blisters and chafed patches of skin.

There have been times of dragging myself out to train in pelting rain, and moments of self-doubt.

HOWEVER there have been moments of pure elation every time a new distance is accomplished, joy every time I run up a hill that i had to walk before and noticing other fitness improvements. 

There have been new friendships forged and incredible support from family, friends and clients.

There have been positive body image changes both mentally and physically. My body has achieved so much more on this journey than I ever thought it could. My shape has changed slightly with trousers feeling tighter on the calves but loser on the waist.

And importantly there has been money raised for MACS - a charity who support families of children born with certain eye conditions that leave them blind, providing repite, activity days, information and support.

I am doing everything I can to stay well and prevent illness - echinacea, vitamins, collagen, Iron suppements, first defence nasal sprays, hydration, spinach- kale- beetroot and berry smoothies, early nights and facemasks! 

The next six weeks will undoubtedly be tough, not just for me, but for my family who are on this journey alongside me as my support team and having to cope with my mood changes, my absence at home due to strength classes and long running sessions and my new obsession with sportswear and running shoes! It will be annoying for my facebook followers seeing fundraising posts as I push to reach my goal (£270 to go!!) and constant updates on how the training is going. Im going to be distracted, excited and terrified in equal measure! But please, please bear with me!

The hotel room is booked, the travel is paid for, the training is underway and as long as I dont catch any viruses or injure anything then bring on the 21st of April 2024 and London Marathon day!!

To sponsor me please go to my charity page here:  Ruth's Charity Page Here

Thank you for reading, supporting, sponsoring and all the love!


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